Suddenly Sudden

Suddenly Sudden – Fine arts / Painters

Suddenly Sudden

Black Grim (left) & Smokie Ghost (right)
Suddenly is a horror-themed handcraft line created by 2 best friends: Odilia “Smokie Ghost” Fenny and Yola “Grim” Blackenthered. Released on Halloween 2008, at first we only intended to transfer our ideas and hobby into horror-mysterious design and illustration platforms. Those designs and illustration are then poured into t-shirt media. Having a big positive respond toward our designs, we started to sell those to our close friends and horror community around us. Slowly but sure, our creations became popular and people’s favorite, even outside of our friends community. Suddenly products initially were more celebrated in Europe, before finally by the end of 2010 Suddenly began to join some local bazaars and activities. The result was, Suddenly started to have recognition in Jakarta and Indonesia.


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