D’Jamency – Dj & producer / Musician

D’Jamency  French dj – producer is coming from the Rave scene of the 90’s, this DJ /Producer is the co-founder of Amazone Records and label manager of Among Records. Originally from Lyon, France, D’Jamency has thrived throughout Europe and Asia in the world of Techno. For more than twenty years he has relentlessly made his presence felt at events, clubs and festivals such as the Rex club (FR), Nouveau Casino (FR), Villa Rouge (FR), Nuits SonoresFestival (FR), Reperkusound Festival (FR), DV1 Club (FR), Magazine Club (FR), Baby Club (FR), Glazart (FR), La Nuit Rouge (FR), Universal D.O.G. (DE), Sisyphos (DE), Cassiopeia Club (DE), D-Club (CH), Octagon club (KR), H20 (BE), World DJs Festival (KR), Yes club (CZ), Sea You Festival (DE) and many more ! Highly regarded
and in demand, D’Jamency is regularly found side by side with internationally renowned DJs and live acts.

D’JAMENCY (Remain, IAMT, Reload, Patterns, Skryptöm)
French dj-producer/musician


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